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Amused Moose Comedy is independent from entertainment agencies and production companies etc, and our services to the comedy industry and associated organisations are therefore unclouded by contractual or other obligations, or any need to indulge shareholders or a management board because we purposely don't have those.

Therefore we are uniquely placed to provide unbiased support and consultancy across many aspects of live comedy, sometimes in relation to television or events etc, enhanced by our knowledge and understanding of its workings and knowing thousands of people within the global comedy community, gained by involvement since 'alternative comedy' took off 25+ years ago.  We can also find people for your projects, such as standup and sketch directors, and even resolve casting crises, such as sourcing Greg Davies to be W G Grace seated amongst cricket crowds for C4 in 2005.

We are very much still involved at grassroots because of the buzz that comes from literally discovering the best new comedy talent to come through for the next few years.  As a result we see far more shiny new comedians who have drive and motivation than anyeone else, long before anyone else, and that - plus the relationship that often develops - is a great bonus.

However at the other end of the scale we have handled every element when producing tours that wrapped at Shepherds Bush Empire for example, co-produce 'changing cast' stand-up shows with some of the main Edinburgh Fringe venues, produce charity shows at the Dominion Theatre and the Groucho Club, as well as directing the Amused Moose Comedy Awards with involvement and encouragement from the comedy industry's great-and-good worldwide.

We are adept, innovative problem solvers, not only in identifying possible solutions, but focussing in on those which can actually be implemented successfully by those who are involved in order to produce the best possible outcomes.  The importance of brand and marketing in the widest senses are key, as crucially is the necessity for overall viability plus best possible quality whatever the scale and constraints.  Where appropriate we employ strong strategic and project management skills, but always with an eye on how the end result will maximise the potential for strong positive impact, whether we are working with you on a project or are consulting to deliver a viable solution to you.

Amused Moose Comedy Ltd is based in Soho, and is headed up by Hils Jago who has a Masters in Marketing, and has delivered projects for non-live comedy organisations such as Metro, Asahi, 4DVD, Wilkinson Sword, 2entertain(BBCWorldwide) and BSkyB for example.  In her previous existence Hils worked in crisis management PR, was director of fundraising for a disabled children charity, led award-winning sales teams in recruitment and publishing, and was even head of a Business faculty.

Described variously as the doyenne of British comedy and the grand dame of comedy, it has been noted that 'Hils Jago runs a tight ship' - make of that what you will, but essentially by inference it implies that we aren't luvvies, and are focussed, deliver to a high standard and have that expectation of others too.

Do have a look around to get a sense of what else we do, although confidentiality (personal and commercial) is important so naturally the most interesting stuff from your perspective won't have been included.  However if you want further insight or reassurance, check around about our reputation with those with their fingers on the comedy pulse.

When you could do with our assistance in moving a project forward, whether in practical ways or simply for a brainstorming session or finding the elusive right person, and you have a budget to cover it, email with the briefest outline of the project and what elements you are struggling with, plus how you'd like us to help you.

Rest assured that if we aren't able to assist you ourselves for whatever reason, we won't waste your time/money/patience by saying we can (how annoying when people do that!), but are very likely to know just the  person who would suit how you see the project going forward, and importantly within your budget, so can put you in touch.