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Our best known and most frequent course is the Absolute And Almost Beginners comedy course, led by Luke Toulson and Markus Birdman, with start dates most months, on weekday evenings (in rehearsal studios) and weekend afternoons (in rehearsal studios or comedy venues) in central London. 

It has a longstanding reputation for being the best there is outside USA, and the course leaders have developed their own approaches with results that are always awe inspiring.  It is recommended by Josh Widdicombe, Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davis who were amongst the first graduates.

Graduates are onstage at every comedy festival around the world, on your televisions (doing stand-up, as comedy actors, presenters, or on panel shows, or in their own sitcoms) every day, and have won every comedy award including BAFTAs.

Luke Toulson and Markus Birdman are the main leaders of our courses and workshops.

It's fair to say that NO OTHER COMEDY COURSE COMES CLOSE! And everyone who has done the course will tell you that it is most definitely not hard work, but very enjoyable and empowering. You can actually check this out for yourself by coming along to one of the Graduation Showcases to see for yourself the miracle that has occurred, and then be able to ask them questions, or to one of our Taster sessions.

The Absolute and Almost Beginners comedy course is proven and comprehensive, having an unassailable reputation, by exploring the fundamentals of comedy culminating in optional graduation showcases for the participants who will have evolved into fledgling comedians demonstrating their newly gained skills.

No preparation nor previous performance experience/training is necessary. You will develop and practice skills in gag writing, stagecraft, microphone technique and character development etc, plus exploring persona, status, spontaneity and performance styles, with the underlying focus being on generating original material, delivery and communicating effectively with the audience. And there is ongoing opportunities to practice stand-up routines.

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We also run Other Comedy Courses, and Comedy For Business - please click those for more information, or here for an overview